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Sunday 15 May 2022

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Ignoring acidity can lead to diseases like ulcers, find out its causes, symptoms and prevention measures.

Take special care of winter health: Ignoring acidity can lead to diseases like ulcers, its causes, symptoms and prevention measures.

Do you know how many people in India suffer from acidity? The answer is 25 crores. This is the figure of people who have acidity as a permanent disease. There is no data on people who have occasional acidity. By looking at these data one can estimate how common the problem of acidity is in the country. The winter season has begun. The problem of acidity increases this season.

Lucknow Physician Dr. According to Shikha Pandey, cases of acidity in winter are twice as common as in normal days. The main reason for this is that the digestive system slows down in winter. In winter, people become more careless with physical exercise and diet. Therefore, this can also be a cause of acidity.

What is acidity?

Dr. According to Shikha, acid is made by our stomach glands, it is called organic acid. When this acid starts to become more than it needs to be it becomes a big problem for us. This is called acidity.

Acidity causes stomach ulcers, gastric inflammation, heartburn and indigestion. Many medications also cause gastritis. Acidity in the stomach and chest is caused by the acidity caused by eating too much or heavy food. Indigestion and constipation are also common in people with acidity.

What are the causes of acidity?

Our stomach usually produces gastric acid, which helps in digestion. Gastric acid means that the acid formed in the stomach is not in liquid form but in gas form. It starts to become more and more due to our negligence or after getting cold. The reasons for that are not limited to that. Even if one takes more stress than necessary, one can still have the problem of acidity.

What are the early symptoms of acidity?

There are many symptoms of acidity, but some symptoms are prominent. If you also see such a problem constantly, then you have acidity. Acidity can be a permanent problem if the initial symptoms are ignored.

Here's how to avoid acidity:

We are not talking about treatment here but we are telling you what to do to avoid acidity?

Avoid foods that produce reflexes: Don't eat spicy foods, coffee and foods rich in carbonates.

Divide the meal into 5 portions instead of three: Do not eat regular meals 3 times a day, it should be divided into 5 small portions.

Be careful only in normal acidity: If you have gas problem, do not eat food for a few days than trigger acidity. Don't ignore it.

Control fat: If you are gaining weight and have too much fat in your body, it can cause acidity. So control body fat as quickly as possible.

Some drugs should not be taken: Some OTC drugs such as ibuprofen, paracetamol acidity and other prescription drugs such as anticholinergics, dopamine can cause acidity from theophylline, sedatives, calcium channel blockers and beta blockers. These medications should only be taken if your doctor tells you to.

       અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ                 ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

How to get rid of acidity?

If acidity has occurred, special care must be taken to get rid of it. Dr. According to Shikha, we must first control ourselves during its treatment. Any negligence from eating and drinking to physical activity can be costly.

This requires 3 checkups

Monitoring of pH: This checks the level of acid in the esophagus. The device is inserted into the esophagus by a doctor, kept there for 2 days to measure the amount of acid in the esophagus.

Barium Swallow: This helps in getting information about narrow esophagus and ulcers. You should go through this test if you are having more problems.

Endoscopy: A long, flexible light tube with a small camera is inserted through the mouth at the bottom and the camera can detect abdominal problems with the help of the esophagus.

Include these items in the diet

Almonds: It relieves abdominal pain and prevents acidity completely. One thing to keep in mind while eating it is to always eat nuts only after meals and not to eat more than 4 nuts.

Bananas and Apples: Bananas are naturally antacids. Therefore, these fruits can also be eaten after dinner. It does not allow too much acid to build up in the stomach.

Coconut water: Drinking coconut water makes the body's pH acidic level alkaline and protects it from the serious effects of acid. It is fibrous water. It also facilitates digestion and reduces the pressure of acidity.For Best View Please Open This Website In CHROME / OPERA Browser

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