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Thursday 24 February 2022

PayLinks - Payment Gateways For Small Value

PayLinks - Payment Gateways For Small Value Payment

Paylinks Payment Gateways: Free platform helping claints and business to finalise Payment Gateway according to needs. also easily integrate payment getaway with your website & portal. You can save lot of time and energy and all your Payment Gateway issues will be resolved by support team. This digital time you can accept payment from all over the world using payment gateways.

Paylinks Payment Gateways Review

Paylinks is popular and ideal for accepting small-value payments ex. entry ticket to a social dance event. you don’t need any special device like a point-of-sale system or a payment terminal, and you don’t have to send invoices. you no need any own website can use payments links to collect online payments.

Accept online payments from your customers with easy way through payment links: simply create a payment request, generate a link through the app and share it through any medium (e.g., email, messaging apps, social media). Your customers can then follow the link to make a quick payment using their preferred payment method. We support PayPal, Stripe and Square as payment gateways.

In new update of Paylinks now you get integrations with Stripe and Square to make your payment experience faster and safer..

Install Lock Application

Paylinks have Android application for making all process fast and easy. It's recommended and best choice for Send payment links and accept online payments. You able to accept online payment with PayPal, Stripe and Square using this payment gateways.

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