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Friday, 5 November 2021

How to Download Video from YouTube 2021

 How to Download Video from YouTube 2021

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Hello friends, in today’s post we will know how to download videos from YouTube. We all know that YouTube is the largest search engine in the world after Google. And it is the world’s largest video sharing platform.

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Resumes Can Be Used For A Variety Of Reasons, But Most Often They Are Used To Secure New Employment.

Here people share many types of videos. Like- education, technology, music, health tips, entertainment etc. If you also watch any video on youtube. And you like it or you need to watch it again and again.

|| How To Download Video From YouTube 2021 ||

Or you want to share video with your friends or also want to put status on your social media. And while watching videos on YouTube, buffering can happen or more data is spent when watching videos again and again.

So to avoid internet data usage you can save or download this video in your phone gallery. If you do not know how to download videos from YouTube and you want to know how to download videos from YouTube. So you are reading the right post. Today I will tell you step by step how to download videos from YouTube.|| How To Download YouTube Video From Website ||

  • Step 1. First of all open any browser on your mobile or computer.
  • Step-2. Now search by typing genyoutube in the search bar of the browser.
  • Step-3. Now open the website at the top of the result shown.
  • Step-4. After opening the website, whatever video you want to download, in the search bar at the top. Type it and click on Go.
  • Step-5. Now all the videos related to your search will be visible. Whichever video you want to download. Click on it.
  • Step-6. Now you will get all download links of this video. You want to download the video in any quality. Select this.
  • For example I select MP4 360p to download.
  • Step-7. Now the video will be played. A line of 3 dots will appear on the right side as soon as you click on the video. Download will be written, click on it. Now the video will be downloaded successfully.

Note: You can also download the mp3 of the video from here.

If you want, you can also use the website to download videos from YouTube.

|| Download video from YouTube by changing URL ||

  • Step 1. First of all open YouTube in any mobile browser.
  • Step-2. After that search and play that video. which you want to download.
  • Step-3. Now go to the URL bar at the top of that video.
  • Step-4. After this if you are downloading the video in mobile then www.m. Add SS after.

And if you are downloading video in computer then www. Afterwards add SS to the url. And then search or press enter.

  • Step-5. Now you will be directly redirected to website. And the download button will appear in front of you.
  • Step-6. You can change the quality of the video if you want. After that click on download.
  • Step-7. Now the video will start playing. A 3 dot line will appear on the right side of the video, click on it. Download video now. The video will be downloaded successfully.

If you want, you can download any video by pasting the link from here.

|| How To Download YouTube Video From Mobile App ||

If you want to download any video in your mobile. Then this is the best and easiest way for you. Here I show you how to download videos from Intube YouTube Video Downloader app. I will tell about it. This is the best YouTube video download app for Android.

  • Step 1. First of all download the InsTube app on your phone from the download button given below.

📲 You Tube Video Click Here For App :- Download

  • Step-2. Now open the app on your phone. And Photos will ask for permission to access the media file, give permission.
  • Step-3. As soon as the application is opened, the YouTube icon will appear at the top. Click on YouTube to open it.
  • Step-4. Now search the video which you want to download in the search bar shown above.
  • Step-5. All videos will be shown according to your search. Click on any of these videos to download and play them.
  • Step-6. A download button will appear at the bottom right of the video now being played, click on it.
  • Step-7. Now you will get the option to select the quality of the video. Download video in any quality you want today. Select him. And click on Fast Download shown below. Now your video downloading will start.

  • - Airplane mode
  • - Flashlight Bright
  • - Launch all applications or games on your device
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  • 2. Screen lock/unlock sound effect

  • 3. Screen off vibration

With the help of this app, you can also download videos from Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from this, you can also use an application called Vidmate or Snaptube to download videos from YouTube.

|| Video Downloading App For YouTube Video ||

If you want to know about video download apps from youtube as well as how to download videos from youtube in your mobile gallery, then here I will tell some app apps that you can use to download videos.

  • All Tube Video Downloader
  • SnapTube
  • Tube Mate
  • Down Tube Free Video Downloader
  • Play Tube
  • Tubeloader YouTube Downloader
  • Tube Video Downloader
  • Trump Tube
  • Last Tube
  • Movie Downloader

Friends, you can use all these applications to download videos from YouTube as well as download videos from any other website.

|| How to Download YouTube video in computer ||

Some people use YouTube on their computer. This is the best way for them. Here I will tell you about the best YouTube video downloader app for PC. This will allow you to save YouTube videos directly to your computer.

  • Step 1. First download Ummi Video Downloader software from the download button below.

📲 Click Here For :- Download

  • Step-2. Now go to any browser on your computer and download the video you like. Find it
  • Step-3. Play that video now. Then copy the URL of the video.
  • Step-4. Now as soon as you open Ummi YouTube Video Downloader Software. This software will automatically detect the copied link.
  • Step-5. Now select the video quality and click download.
  • Step-6. Now you will see the video download folder. Tick ​​the box below it. And click OK.

After doing this your video will be downloaded successfully.

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