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Saturday 1 August 2020

Std-4 Ghare Shikhie Activity Video | Study From Home

Std-4 Ghare Shikhie Activity Video | Study From Home

Std-4 Activity Videos

July Month
1, 2GujaratiClick Here
3, 4Maths (Lambhu - Tunku)Click Here
5 to 8GujaratiClick Here
9 to 12ParyavaranClick Here

June Month
1 to 6GujaratiClick Here
3 to 10Maths, GujaratClick Here
3.Chitra Varnan ane Rang PuraniClick Here
Click Here
 All the videos are watched by the children through youtube or DD Girnar when they go home but it is very important that all the children keep notes and pens together while watching the video as it is very important that the children write some points in the notes through notes and pens.  It is also very important for the knowledge of the children. You will be surprised to know that all the videos will be provided online by the government on a daily basis till the lockdown.

 All the children from all over Gujarat are studying like private school children, government primary school children, secondary primary department as well as higher secondary department. All the children will find this youtube video as well as DD Girnar's video very useful.

 All kinds of videos are uploaded daily on this blog. You can watch them all and increase your knowledge and make your education more effective. Information will be easily available on this blog every day.

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